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Open CAD Manager Functions

Open CAD Manager stores and manages CAD files and other file formats across the enterprise. Automated storage and indexing is supported using drawing attributes (creator, supplier, project, scale, etc.). This information can be used in search queries to quickly find the document in the archive.

The automated link management with collision control prevents redundant storage of CAD files. Version control including change history guarantees that all stages of the development are archived and can be restored.

Integrated CAD system-specific or universal viewers such as AutoVue, Rasterex, or eDrawings show the complete drawing and provide for redlining, comparing, and plotting without the CAD program.

Open CAD Manager allows comfortable e-mailing of CAD drawings as zip-archive including all references. The drawing list is inserted into the e-mail. The mail history is stored with the document. 

Open CAD Manager optionally provides integrated work flow functionality. It supports standard processes for team work such as release management or substitution rules in a production environment. Optionally, the workflow modules of the DMS or ECM system can be used to implement more complex workflows.

Standard interfaces are provided for customization to individual business needs, for example, to support a drawing number generator or connect to an ERP system. Parts lists and where used lists can be automatically generated and exchanged with an enterprise resource planning system such as SAP® or Navision®.

Attributes of the drawing (for example, title block) can be mapped to DMS index fields and updated in both directions. The configuration program manages the supported CAD programs in uniformly structured profiles.